Our People are Our Greatest Asset!

Our Team

Our team has over 40 years of Healthcare Experience and is  led by Maggie Matos, R.N. the owner of Safeguard Medical Billing, LLC. 

Our Management Team has extensive experience in billing and receivables.  

The Medical Billing Team

Our Medical Billing Team has the ability to work with a claim from inception, through payment.  Problem resolution is a strength of our people. 

We understand that correctly managing a claim through every part of the claim payment process is imperative.  

Customer Service Personnel

Our Customer Service team works closely with your staff and your patients to have claims paid in a timely manner, all while keeping a positive note to their voice and demeanor.   


Training is given both in house by our own people, as well as  by the Clearing Houses and Software Companies that we partner with. 

We put more time and expense into training than the average practice does with their billers or that our imitators put into their employees.

The intensive training shows in the quality of our work.