About Us

What Services May We Perform for You?

Electronic Claims Generation

Electronic Claims Generation with all Payers, and importantly - follow up with initial and rejected claims until they're paid.

That Includes:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Workman's Compensation

Electronic & Paper Billing

We are a professional and knowledgeable Medical Billing Company.  Your claims are processed quickly and efficiently electronically, and if needed, via paper as well.

Reminder Statements AND Phone Calls

Our company sends out reminder statements; 30, 60, and 90 days from the original date of service. We also have the ability to make follow-up telephone calls for your practice as well. 

What's Important to you?

Safeguard Medical Billing is a company that understands how difficult it is for  physicians and practices alike with the day to day struggles of red tape and collections.   SMB focuses on working with physicians in individual and group practices to ensure that that you concentrate on what you do best - helping patients.  

Safeguard Medical Billing's software is completely up to date   We not only have yearly updates as the laws and rules change, but stay current with new rules in the insurance industry as the need arises.

As we see it, our company is in business to minimize and eliminate delays in getting receivables into your bank account.  We not only issue monthly reports but  give you the tools to track your account and our billing service's performance.  

Clients who switched from another billing company to ours have noticed an increase in the cash they  have collected over their previous billing companys' efforts.  

Consider Us Your Back-Office!

According to Industry surveys: it is less expensive to have a medical billing company do your billing than having a payrolled employee  doing it. 

Many practices do not have the time to pursue claims that are less than $50.  At Safeguard we pursue all size claims - it is our job. 

By using Safeguard Medical Billing you reduce the employee overhead that was involved in Medical Billing allowing you to better utilize your employees in your practice.