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Who Needs Our Services?

Family Practitioners


Medical Supply Companies
Ambulance Services
Nursing Facilities

Physical Therapists

  ... and all other professional medical practices.

50% to 65% of Denied Claims are never resubmitted to the Insurance Companies!

 50% to 65% of Denied Claims are never resubmitted to Payers!

Research by the: "Heathcare Business Management Association"

That's money your practice has already earned for treatments and consultations already provided by you!

A Sampling of Our Strengths

  • We follow up on ALL claims.
  • We appeal "Down-Coding".
  • We increase your cash-flow.
  • We lower your office overhead.
  • We give you more time to concentrate on your patients.
  • All payments go directly to you.
  • We only charge for what we collect. 

We Safeguard Your Medical Billing

Medical Vocation

You went into the medical profession because you wanted to help people and not to become a bill collector.... Allow us to help you focus on your Medical Vocation. 

USA Employees - 100%

Our people live and work in the USA.  We do not use "offshore" billers or coders.  It is important to our clients to have their questions answered in real time, and for Safeguard Medical Billing to be able to communicate with insurance companies in an effective manner.  Our Quality Control is unsurpased. 

From Payer - Direct to Your Bank

From the Clearing House to your Bank Account through Direct Deposit!  No waiting for your payments.


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